P30l V1 Vs V3 00 Add to Cart Sale! HK Heckler & Koch MR762A1 308 MLok Handguard 81 (2) Add to Cart for …. P30L, 9mm, Long Slide (V1) "light" LEM , two …. All of my handguns, HK or not, are either striker guns or DA/SA. I’m looking at my next HK pistol. HK still stands for reputable build quality – even if HK hates you and you suck (Google the last six words, noobs). If you have the same amount of ammunition in each one, then it will be the same. P30L (10) P30SK (11) USP (26) USP Compact (17) USP Elite (7) USP Expert (7) USP Tactical (13) VP40 (13) VP40 Tactical (13) VP9 (12 9MM (53) Shop by P2000 Variant. However, I shoot both the P30 and P30SK much better than the Glock. That leaves us knowing that, according to this diagram. Don't confuse the USP variants with the P-series variants. Super long pull even for a DA with a bad break and awful long reset. Since you're in the Austin area we may have to. He uses one of them in a couple of different scenes in the bathhouse shootout when his primary P30L runs dry. In the paper Batch Normalization,Sergey et al,2015. 55 PRODUCT DETAILS FEATURES: Introduced in 2008, the P30L (for Long) is essentially identical to …. I'm more interested in the V1 due to the thumb over hammer while carrying and other little differences. As far as I know, P30 is yet to be issued to any major military. Heckler & Koch P30 vs Sig Sauer P365 XL. Inception-ResNet v2 has a computational cost that is similar to that of Inception v4. I must be honest and state that I have no experience with LEM. Seller: Ingersoll Outdoor Supply Heckler & Koch HK P30 V3 9mm 3. The cross-directional texturing keeps the gun firmly planted in your paw, and the P30SK, like the P30 before it, features interchangeable rear and side panels. So, the P30S-V3 can be carried cocked and locked or in DA/SA mode. Particularly, compared with their first foray into this field, the double-action-only VP70, the VP9 was meant to feel sharp and light, responsive and modern. Heckler & Koch P30 vs Heckler & Koch VP9. Attribute Spec; Type: Pistol: Caliber:. Like the P30, the P30L was designed as a modern police and security pistol, by combining optimal function and safety. A HK P30 pistol is currently worth an average price of $552. A stop screw will make this trigger better without an expensive trigger job. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and Magnum Research Desert Eagle 10" Handgun Search; Heckler Koch P30L V1 Light Lem 9Mm Pistol 8 more deals from eurooptic. Like the P30, the P30L was designed as a modern police and security pistol and combines optimal function and safety. The P Series guns don't work that way (P2000/SK & P30/L/SK). 17 (Add To Cart) A recent HK pistol design, the P30 is a modern police and security pistol that combines function and safety. Aug 15, 2023; ENDER; HK Long Guns for Sale. Heckler & Koch P30L vs Walther PPQ M2 9mm 4". Hello everybody - I am very interested in the compatibility of upgrading the trigger on a P30L. Rozsáhlé testy P30L a P30LS modely byly přijaty mezi některé mezinárodní policie a bezpečnostní agentury. I agree with @AGG 100% on this one. I’ve got a P30L V3 and my LGS has a compact USP45 V1 that after trying it there’s no doubt I prefer the LEM trigger and I will be buying it. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and Glock G19 Gen4. The only other difference is when you take you finger off the trigger on the V1 it is like being decocked but you still have the light trigger to the wall. DA/SA Full-Sized Pistol Chambered in 40 S&W, 9mm Luger Heckler Koch P30L V1 Light Lem 9Mm Pistol 4 more deals from eurooptic. Heckler & Koch DA/SA Full-Sized Pistol Chambered in 45 ACP. ID Number UPC Codes Description MSRP; P2000 Pistols, 9mm - supplied with three additional back straps: 81000037: 642230261563: P2000, 9mm, (V2) LEM, two 13rd magazines. com HK P30 114 results Filter Options Categories HECKLER & KOCH P30SK V3. From the pics it appears that dosent have a decocker and a thumb safety so which version is it ? experts plz advise for the following a. HK Nickel Plated Match Sear Spring. This would probably be the quote unquote safest method of carry. V2 is "standard" LEM with a 7-7. AWS CDK v2 consolidates the stable parts of the AWS Construct Library, including the core library, into a single package, aws-cdk-lib. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and Sig Sauer P320 M18. Handgun Search; Tabletop Compare; Add/Remove Handguns ; Heckler Koch P30L V1 Light Lem 9Mm Pistol 8 more deals from eurooptic. You get the heavier double action pull first shot and after that the nice light trigger that hits the wall and breaks clean. ago P30 is offered in V1 (LEM) or V3 (DA/SA). I am scouring the internet for a HK P30L V1, I am finding some V3 here and there, but I want to know y'alls thoughts on the benefits/disadvantages, pros/cons and differences …. P30L DA/SA WITH OR WITHOUT SAFETY">HELP ME DECIDE P30 OR P30L DA/SA WITH OR WITHOUT SAFETY. Which version is this and which is better and why b. I bought my P30L many years ago when they first came out. The LEM V1 trigger is a double action only trigger that breaks at 5. In addition, the V3 has a hammer with spur and a central decocking lever. Verfügbar mit den Abzugsvarianten V1 und V3. Both are excellent all around guns. 1 9mm HK P30sk V1 LE 9mm 1941 K98K ayf 8mm. 9mm luger (9x19 para) single/double action 17 rounds 4. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and Staccato P. They might be able to get a P30L LEM for right around $900 (but they have to look at the V3 ads and make phone calls). 40 p30 or USP) will likely never fully go away until HK moves on from the platform like they did with the p7, p9s, HK4 which won’t be coming back. The P30 was designed as a modern police and security pistol combining optimal function and safety. 40 I have (Bill and Dot torture. Heckler & Koch P30L vs Heckler & Koch VP9 Tactical. Apollo11 Premium Member · #3 · Mar 22, 2012. the short reset kit is well worth it. Details; SKU: 5165500754: Model Number: Product Line: HK P30 Caliber: 9mm Capacity: 17+1 Magazines Included: 2 (17. 99 View Deal Heckler Koch P30L V1 Light Lem 9Mm Pistol. Both keyboards have an all-plastic construction. (Part of it is probably due to the. The gun I evaluated for this article is the P30L stretched version with a V3 trigger. They simply fit my hands better . Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and CZ P-01. P30SK V3 (DA/SA) 9mm - P30SK V1 (LEM) 9mm - P30SKS …. Just wanted to add, I use v2 daily. I seemed to fit my hand as like the vp9 and balanced well. The sk is a v1, whereas the others are v3 models. the vp 9 trigger is better but i have read and studied all the plus and minus posts here on the forum. I don't have any experience with the LEM, but have a P30S traditional SA/DA and love it. I just did purchase a P30L 9mm V3 this week, and finally got to shoot it yesterday. Heckler & Koch P30L w/LEM LIGHT trigger & luminescent sight review. Handgun Search; Tabletop Heckler Koch P30L V1 Light Lem 9Mm Pistol 8 more deals from eurooptic. The VP40 is the softest shooting 40 I have ever shot and I have owned over …. There's nothing to the take up weight wise, and the break is decent. If you just need a unique ID, you want a version 1 or version 4. Handgun Search; Tabletop Compare Heckler Koch P30L V1 Light Lem 9Mm Pistol 4 more deals from eurooptic. NodeMCU posted a photo on Facebook which shows official and unofficial V2 boards. Luckily, you can easily find both the Sig Sauer P320 for sale and the HK VP9 for sale easily online. I personally can not tell much of a …. HK P30 V3 9mm Pistol Heckler & Koch USP45 V1 DA/SA. That same vibrancy and enthusiasm that greeted us three years ago hasn’t changed much in the time since. HK Stock Hammer Spring For USP, HK45, P30, P2000. Otherwise the P30L is essentially . I'm looking at my next HK pistol. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30 and Heckler & Koch HK45C. #12 · Mar 2, 2022 (Edited) I have a LEM V1 P30 and a P30L V3. If you compare the pre-travel of a P30 LEM to something like a USPC LEM, the P30 trigger starts out farther forward, both the trigger bow and the hammer position. Common platforms include the VP9/40 and SK versions. P30LS modely mají vlastnosti "L" model s přidáním oboustranné bezpečnostní páky namontované na obou stranách rámu. Four years prior to the beginning of the VP9’s development, H&K had engaged in a similar modernization effort in the realm of hammer-fired handguns, resulting in the P30. If there is a safety in play, the P30LS has the shorter slide …. So I will look into reconfiguring these grips #1. LEM is the same trigger pull weight every time. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and Glock G22 Gen4. It is designed for safe "de-cocking" hammer spring for first shot in DA mode and follow up shots in CDA mode. Innovative safety trigger with concealed cocking piece in the. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. Heckler & Koch P30L vs Sarsilmaz ST45. Since the P30 and P30L share the same grip length, the P30 is more 19X / G45 in size. I wish they had the external safety back then. The P30sk is smaller than the standard P30, with a shorter grip and barrel, but all of the same HK quality. Heckler & Koch H&K P30L V3 9mm 4. RDMA over Converged Ethernet. H&K P30L V1 Light LEM 9mm Luger 4. I just ordered the parts to convert from v2 to the lighter v1. SK stands for "subkompakt") The P30S, …. V2: Like P2000 V1, however (LEM) CDA trigger pull 32. Floorplate Extended USP45C/HK45C 8rd Mag. 214300LT Hammer Spring for P30- $8. Heckler & Koch P30L vs Sig Sauer P239. HK P30 New and Used For Sale - There are currently 11 In Stock from 2224 Dealer Stores. HK P30 New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2023. 1558 Views 6 Replies I’d like a P30L V1 in 9mm, but I’d take a. The pistol is available either with conventional fixed sights or with a proprietary HK rear sight called Night Sight – similar in appearance and function to those made by Trijicon – which. The LEM version has no safety or decocker. P30L or P226? : r/HecklerKoch. Therefore it seemed logical to create a tighter string pattern. I find my P30LS V3 very rewarding with no mods. The Version 3 in DA/SA has a single-part hammer with a 11. I concur that Wick is not using a manual safety model. Interestingly enough, the P30L 4. This article details some of the differences between supported versions, how you can create each version, and how to change the version on …. (V3 DA/SA) and the P30L in 40/357 (V1 LEM). You’ll get a consistent trigger pull each time with the HK …. Jump to Latest Follow 22171 Views 19 Replies 19 Participants Last post by bigtarget, Apr 2, 2018. (DA/SA V3 Variants), Disconnector (All Variants), Firing Pin Block (All Variants), Firing Pin Spring (All Variants), Drop Safety (All Variants), Lock Out Device (All Variants) _____ Variant 1 (V1) Light trigger pull, Law Enforcement Modification (LEM) enhanced DAO Variant 2 (V2) Standard trigger pull, Law Enforcement Modification (LEM) enhanced DAO. It does not have an external safety or decocking system. Jump to Latest Follow 43885 Views 55 Replies 28 Participants Last post by HKBUFF, Sep 4, 2017. The gun is so good that a second hand holster still cannot diminish the greatness of this pistol, and these upgrades have just made the pistol even better, which is hard to believe. The V1 is bar none the better trigger. Heckler & Koch P30L vs Springfield XD. Rather than having a safety, decocker and slide release levers like other variants, the V1 has a single ambidextrous slide release, just like the VP9. H&K P30SK, P30 & P30L on SALE!!. v2 is great, but you kinda have to have the right …. HK has now introduced the P30sk, a subcompact P30 at a much better price point. Photo comparison of P30 with v1 and v4. 00 - New P30 (V3) HECKLER & KOCH / H&K HK 9MM LUGER SEMI AUTO PISTOL 3. Once this gun clears leather, the ergonomics shine. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30 and Sig Sauer P226 Full Size. Hi guys, I've been posting in here over the past few months regarding the SIM800L module and there seems to be some confusion as to how it hooks up to your chosen Adruino board. Classic Firearms had a version of the V1 that had a thumb safety, but it was limited police surplus (made for a specific contract). Heckler & Koch P30L vs FN 509 LS Edge. Combining function and safety, HK P30LS V3 Semi-Auto Pistol exemplifies the modern police and security handgun. 4 New P30, VP9, P30L 15 round magazines – …. Click to expand I prefer the traditional V1 DA/SA. The standard P30 has an approximately 3. GermanGunner · #2 · Feb 18, 2009. P30SK, Subcompact, 9mm, (V1) "light" LEM, one 15rd and one 12rd magazine. I would carry LEM over a striker gun any day, however, and i still contemplate converting my Expert to LEM 🤔. While I hate the wicked curve on the SP-01, it is smooth. A VP9 is like $100 for a cut and coat at Jagerwerks during Black Friday whereas the P30L is around $500 to get cut. The main changes from AWS CDK v1 to CDK v2 are as follows. They had the P30L V1 LEM in their store, but I didn’t even bother to checkout the V1 LEM. The location of the decocker is very handy, does not get in the way of a proper firing grip and is very positive. The P30S V3 is DA/SA w/ decoder and safety. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30 and Sig Sauer P320 M18. The main difference to the network described in (Szegedy et al. Here we look at two very popular handguns from HK the P2000 and the P30. Jump to Latest Follow 7842 Views 16 Replies 6 Participants Last post by the_duke, Dec 28, 2013. As far as a flat trigger goes I'd pass, but the kit is a good investment for the P30L. In the last 12 months there is great demand for a HK P30L and most semi-auto pistols. HK P30SKCan LEM be Converted to V3?. The gun is stupid easy to shoot well. Somehow it gets the entry level moniker, making it too cheap. I own 7 HK pistols and the truth is no matter wich one you buy you will eventually buy the one you didn't get. P30L V3 is my preferred fire arm. If H&K ever offers a factory red dot-equipped P30 or USP, I'll be all over it. 00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings. It says V3 on the damn box!!! But the real point of this thread: People seem to be looking for P30L LEMs and cannot find them. I can’t decide if I want to go with the P30L V1 which has the LEM trigger Or P30L V3 with the DA/SA trigger I’ve read the DA/SA is bad but how bad could it be. I would not recommend the P30L as a concealed carry weapon, but for an open carry or duty weapon, you would be hard pressed to find a better choice. Both are very good guns but there are some differences in features that are worth n. If any of these things is sensitive in any way, don't use this. I already have a P30L V3 but I have been really wanting an LEM variant. If you are looking for a hammer-action pistol without safeties, DA/SA action, or deckockers, the P30L V1 should be high on your list, especially . When it comes to HK firearms, you can immediately expect zero compromise in the pursuit of building exceptional firearms. The single action trigger wouldn’t have all of that pre-travel, and, frankly, I do not like the idea of anything that tempts you into staging the trigger on a self-defense firearm. HK P30 vs VP9 Concealed Carry: Buyer’s Preference. I would not recommend the P30L as a concealed carry weapon, but for an open carry or duty weapon, you would be hard …. My question is, with regards to image quality, especially sharpness, would the V2 and V3 be sharper than the V1?. With V2 now available, we’ve put together a list of FAQs that will hopefully answer any questions you have. The P2000 is a little bit shorter in both length and height than the P30 due to the 13 round mag. I also have numerous Sig 226's and 229's. Doesn't read posts longer than two paragraphs. Pricing on both the HK P30 DA/SA and the P30 LEM Series pistols starts at $999. I am wondering if the V1 and V3 have the same hammer spring and see conflicting reports. Compare the dimensions and specs of Sig Sauer P226 Full Size and Heckler & Koch P30L. Here is the P30 laid over the HK45. M730903L-A5…P30L 9 mm, Long Slide (V3) DA/SA, ambidextrous decocking button, with two 15round magazines (NO EXTERNAL …. Features include a special grip frame with. P30L (Long Slide) Pistols, 9mm - supplied with two additional backstraps and two additional sets of lateral grip plates. When LEM is cocked, the leverage is such that pushing the hammer and trigger towards each other will fire the gun. Sig Sauer P365 XMACRO TACOPS For Sale. H&K P30L V1 LEM LE, one of coolest, softest shooting, highest quality, accurate pistols I own. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30 and Beretta 92X Centurion. What you want is up to you, I personally prefer V3 because it gives me both worlds to practice with. ( 4 customer reviews) MFR#: 51001081. HK P30 V1 DAO 9mm with LEM Trigger and No Manual Safety $832. The interface is simple, but for a carry gun it is very large. The V3 variant trigger is an SA/DA trigger with a trigger pull of approx. The V1 trigger is by far the nicest of the three. Category: HK Handgun Semi-Auto. The addition of Grayguns steel flat trigger really makes this an outstanding set up. Heckler & Koch P30L vs Zastava M88 A. VP9SK The 13 round magazine in use on the p30sk and Vp9sk is fantastic BTW. It does this by encapsulating an InfiniBand (IB) transport packet over Ethernet. I’m not just talking about how I heft the pistol and appreciate the ergonomics or the balance. Added a FS USP Tactical Match HS and nickle plated flat sear spring. I spoke about the value of the. Handguns; Rifles; Shotguns; Parts; Heckler & Koch Inc P30L (V1) 9mm 81000116. The P30L trigger is gritty as F, but friends with more rounds through theirs have told me that it will get better. Now that I'm looking at getting back into competiton I may have to find a P30L in. I actually just sold my P30L v3, partly because I prefer v1 LEM triggers. barth · #8 · Mar 6, 2014 (Edited) I have a Glock G27 with '-' + NY1. The P30/L are very reliable and durable pistol with great ergonomics. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and Heckler & Koch VP9 Tactical. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and Grand Power K22 TS 8" Handgun Search; Tabletop Compare Heckler Koch P30L V1 Light Lem 9Mm Pistol 4 more deals from eurooptic. Here is the basic overview of how each gun did: P30L (v3): Very nice tight groups at 3-5 and 10 yards. I asked and apparently you cannot convert a P30L to a P30LS, and I cannot afford another gun. HK’s VP9 effectively puts a newly-designed slide on top of a P30 frame. The “V3” in the model name means the pistol has a conventional DA/SA trigger and decocker. The VP9 is great, but noticeably snappier to me. All of them have long trigger resets, and I occasionally find myself short stroking when firing. This gun features an outstanding stock trigger! The double-action is heavy but smooth, and the single action is super light and very sweet. HK P30L for sale, Designed for law enforcement, the HK P30L LEM for sale melds high-performance and safety into one highly accurate pistol. Most are basically impossible to find and the only ones available (practically) are v1 and v3. Jump to Latest Follow THREADED BARREL for P30 - RCM HK STYLE P30-T 9MM BARREL 13. So I think I may move the P30 along. Josefius Premium Member · #38 · Dec 23, 2018. The p30 is built like a tank but doesn't feel like it because of grip-easy to fit to you. Special grip frame with interchangeable backstrap. HK will use whatever paint color they have …. With the Match mods it's more like ~3. Here are my numbers for converted v1 Light Lem P30's. Your V1 LEM should break at about 5. 5" Handgun Search; Tabletop Compare; Add/Remove Handguns ; Heckler & Koch P30L V1 Light Lem. Heckler and Koch P30SK after 12 Thousand Rounds. org">Hk LEM V1/V2 question. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and Beretta 92X Compact. I paid a good chunk of money to …. DA/SA Full-Sized Pistol Chambered in 45 ACP. Walther PPQ SC vs Heckler & Koch P30SK. There have been no malfunctions of any type to report. Excellent weight and balance make the P30L naturally pointable, easy to control, and accurate to shoot. 40, heck I’d probably take a V3 in either caliber if the price was right! Anyone. Making the H&K P30L Even Better. Handgun Search; Tabletop Compare; Add/Remove Handguns Hk P30L V3 9Mm Luger 4. and yes you can actually convert if you need to, to the light-lem or lem trigger. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30 and Glock G19 Gen5. I've taken a hammer to the back end of the punch and still can't get it to move out. 45in Black Pistol - 10+1 Rounds; H&K P30L V1 Light LEM 9mm Luger 4. The ergonomics of the guns is a key difference. Magazine spring 10rd VP9SK/P30SK/P2000SK. Some would say I've bought the same gun and that the only difference is one is striker fire while the other is hammer fire. This kit is specific to the HK P2000 and P30 models without a thumb safety, including DA/SA, LEM, or CDA LEM 4. com/hk-models/p30sk/Short slide releasehttps://www. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and Sig Sauer P365 XMACRO. I have both the P30L in a V1 with a Gray Guns short reset kit, and a stock V3. I didn’t know there were multiple versions of the LEM trigger from the factory. Does anyone have the HK SKU # for the P30L v1 (light LEM) in. 40 S&W, the H&K P30 V3 features a traditional DA/SA trigger with a decocker, a 1913 Picatinny rail, a patented recoil reduction system, ambidextrous slide levers and magazine release. Ambidextrous controls include dual slide. Jump to Latest Follow I have the VP9 and P30L V3 combo and love it. IFA Tactical sells both weapons at very affordable prices. And as @Vincent04 stated if I have I would appreciate your feedback on shooting it very much. The HK P30 is slightly heavier than the VP9, but not by much. Mayhem Discussion starter (V3 DA/SA) and the P30L in 40/357 (V1 LEM). What's The Difference Between A 1151 v2 And A 1151 v1 Socket. 8 more Hk P30L V3 9Mm Luger 4. Additionally, you can get V3 with or without a safety. An open notch rear sight with luminous (non-radioactive) contrast points allows for fast and accurate target acquisition, even under poor lighting conditions. DA/SA Full-Sized Pistol Chambered in 9mm Luger, 40 S&W. Small side inserts, and medium back strap. Heckler & Koch (H&K) P30 V3 9mm pistol review. The SP-01 also has significant pre travel too. The Slide Release Lever on the P30SK is the same size as the one on the P30L. 45-inch barrel (as opposed to the 3. I would buy the P30L and start saving money for a X-5. This V3 model also has an ambidextrous safety and includes two 10-round magazines. P30l 9mm Ls V1 Lem Dao 2- 17rd Mags - $617. i like the vp9 trigger,and gun looks good,but the p30 l just has my mind saying buy me. 40 P99 but isn’t quite as snappy. Does this convert a V3 DA/SA to a LEM? Or just shorten the reset on the SA? Very interested. I shot the P30, the P30L and the P2000 during a firearm show. The new value of a HK P30 pistol has fallen ($174. I know the best answer is both and this isnt an actual apples to apples compairison but im torn! Thanks!. com thinks that H&K's LEM is mistakenly referred to as a double action but he insists it is a modified single action. Just couldn't say no! Man, that bug bit you hard! Great looking pistol Slugo! I’m still holding out for the non existent P30L V1. usp (v1) vs p30ls (v3) I love my USP, but here lately I’ve been drawn to the P30LS as a replacement to it. P2000 V3: Conventional DA/SA trigger and hammer, with decocking. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and CZ Shadow 2. Wanna support the channel? Click here! https://bit. Handgun Search; Tabletop Compare; Heckler Koch P30L V1 Light Lem 9Mm Pistol 4 more deals from Hk P30L Long Slide (V3) 9Mm Da/Sa Pistol eurooptic. I was about to buy a P30 when I shot a P30L. I'm currently at the 1200-round mark of a 2k round test with a P30L V3. Introduced in 2008, the P30L (for Long), has a slide and barrel that measure approximately a half-inch longer in length. HK's LEM Trigger Explained. The P30 is the latest version of the P2000 pistol that’s been around for the past decade. ly/2Bc0H2NI really love this pistol! Fits the hand great and once I saw it in the used section I had to p. One difference between the guns is that. I felt is was just a little too big for EDC for me so I sold it. I’m a little concerned about introducing another trigger system into the fray. 98 P30 V1 or V3 Jump to Latest Follow 44573 Views 21 Replies 19 Participants Last post by ThrowinRocks , Jul 8, 2017 BlackScorpion Discussion starter · Jul 2, 2011 (Edited) Want to know if you prefer the V1 light LEM or the V3 DA/SA. Reply Save E ejewels Discussion starter · #3 · Apr 20, 2011 LEM? I thought the V1 was the V3 only with a safety? Reply Save EXFive · #4 · Apr 20, 2011 V3 is DA/SA with a decocker, V1 is LEM. I own a 3rd gen G19, a P30 LEM V1, and a P30sk LEM V1. It might affect finger placement if you have shorter fingers, and the 4. H&K offers a variety of trigger mechanisms in most of its pistols. V3: Conventional SA/DA trigger and hammer, with …. HK magazines are produced to the same level of finish and quality as HK’s firearms, with no compromises made in terms of reliability, fit and function. Not the comparison you want but I’ve spent time with a SP-01 tactical decocker model and a P30L V3. Full line of HK P30 and P30L guns on sale. -HK USPf 45 v1 converted to v9 w/ Match Trigger, Heinie …. The P30L has a longer sigh radius so for range and competition shooting it has an advantage. I am on the fence about the trigger. You'll get a consistent trigger pull each time with the HK P30 V1. If you get a P30S or P30LS without the decocker you can switch hammers very easily from LEM to DA/SA. HK P30 Firearm Model: HK 45 Firearm Model: HK USP Firearm Model: HK USPC Firearm Model: HK P2000 Caliber: 9mm /. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and Glock G19 Gen5. 40 S&W, the HK P30L V3 handgun has a longer barrel and slide, and the familiar feel and function of a traditional DA/SA trigger. Engineered for endurance, the P30 pistol was test fired more than 91,000 rounds. The Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) has kept all of the great sonic characteristics of the original. Heckler & Koch P30 pistols in stock! No tax, free shipping. 88 (Add To Cart) The HK P30 V3 is a modern police and security pistol that combines function and safety. No major issues, HOWEVER, a few months ago there were SEVERAL back to back updates, and the changes were a little tough to keep up with in a few cases (depends on how many scripts you maintain and how big they are). I have the V3 and am considering the V1. The biggest thing i have read online is the complaint about the tirgger reset on these guns. Cambridge Audio CXN (V2) review. Heckler & Koch P30 For Sale · Hk P30Ls Long Slide (V3) 9Mm Da/Sa Pistol · Heckler Koch P30L V1 Light Lem 9Mm Pistol · Heckler Koch P30 V1 9Mm Pistol 81000105 . So which of these two pistols is the finer firearm: the HK P30 V3 (click here for TTAG’s review) or SIG P228 M11-A1? The $1125 SIG M11-A1 has phosphate coated internals and SIGLITE® night sights. Search results for "hk p30". One thing that I really love about this pistol is the interchangeable backstraps and lateral grip panels. V1 and V2 are the very same configuration. Safety/Rear Decocking Button (3) 17rd Mags and Night Sights 81000112. DA/SA Full-Sized Pistol Chambered in 40 S&W, 9mm Luger Heckler & Koch P30L For Sale. There are two RoCE versions, RoCE v1 and RoCE v2. On a side note, I recently started to wonder if open holster will work fine on battle belt setup in winter conditions, especially if going prone. Heckler Koch P30L V1 Light Lem 9Mm Pistol eurooptic. But, IMHO as for CCW or home defense, I much prefer the P-30. Is John Wick's P30L a V1 or a V3? : r/HecklerKoch. I've heard that LEM is something you either love or hate so what should I go with? comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a …. Handgun Search; Heckler Koch P30L V1 Light Lem 9Mm Pistol 4 more deals from eurooptic. 25" 13+1 (2) Black Blued Steel Slide Black Interchangeable Backst $ 931. All my others are LEM V2, V1 or striker. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. Hk P30L Long Slide Hk P30L V3 9Mm Luger 4. 58" 13+1 (2) Black Blued Steel Slide Black Polymer Gri Heckler & Koch H&K P30L V3 9mm 4. If anyone knows of anywhere that may have one in stock and can ship to my FFL I would …. I like the idea of the LEM trigger and have been looking at the V1 but I was wondering what P30SK owners on this list like or dislike about the various versions and the pistol itself. I started with a p30L v3 but didn't see the point in having both the standard and L model. Heckler Koch P30L V1 Light Lem 9Mm Pistol 4 more deals from eurooptic. P30SK V3 (DA/SA) 9mm - P30SK V1 (LEM) 9mm - P30SKS V3. I have also have the p226 range and home defense but for CC it is my M11-A1. The Price for a HK P30L has increased in cost by …. 27" Bbl Da/Sa Subcompact eurooptic. The best price on new HK P30L 9mm for sale online. Heckler & Koch P30Sks V3 Da/Sa Heckler Koch P30L V1 Light Lem 9Mm Pistol eurooptic. Handgun Search; Tabletop Compare; Heckler Koch P30L V1 Light Lem 9Mm Pistol 8 more deals from eurooptic. Heckler & Koch P30 vs Glock G17 size comparison. Heckler Striker-Fired Full-Sized Pistol Chambered in 9mm Luger. Additionally, check out magazine prices for Beretta 92FS/M9A3 and HK's. 90 out of 5 based on 52 customer ratings. Before we checkout the salient features, let us look at the minor differences between these two sub-versions. Buy HK P30SK V3 online at Omaha Outdoors. Heckler & Koch P30L vs Ruger American Duty 9mm. I like the grip, the aftermarket support, the metal mags and the fact that there are more mags available (readily) in comparison to the 18 round mags I have. Heckler & Koch P30L vs Walther PPQ M1 5". Which Gun Would You Grab: HK P30 V3 9mm or SIG P228 M11. Heckler & Koch P30L vs Grand Power P45L. H&K skips over compact guns completely with their p30sk (subcompact) at 3. Heckler & Koch P30L vs Glock G19. Mayhem Discussion starter (V3 DA/SA) and …. If you like that trigger weight, the LEM v2 of the P30 should be pretty close. I much prefer the V1 (but honestly shoot the strikers better by a slim margin). Update Methods: There are three different update methods. But unless i find a P30 for a super great steal of a price thats a lot of money to put twoards a trigger job. If you want the external safety than the V3 is the one. The standard P30L is a 9 mm “Variant 3 (V3)” with a conventional double-action/single action trigger mode with a serrated decocking button on the rear of the slide. DA/SA Full-Sized Pistol Striker-Fired Compact Pistol Chambered in 9mm Luger. If they do show up on GB they command more money. P30 and P30L are both available in 9 mm and. 40 cal - supplied with one additional back strap. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and Glock G34 Gen 5 MOS. BigBluefish · #15 · Jan 4, 2020. P30L LEM 9mm in stock for $749. For the P30/L, V3 is DA/SA, and V1 is LEM. View Deal Hk P30L V3 9Mm Luger …. My LGS has an HK45, with the redesigned night sights and 3 mags and a P30L V1 LEM with standard sights. I also didn't see the point as the only difference was 1/2" of barrel. I’ve got one in LEM V1 light and a standard V3 with rear decocker. 40 S&W Pistol 81000131 / eurooptic. In the P-series, the V1 is Light LEM and the V3 is SA/DA with decock only. 00: Tax: - In Stock: Price Recently Raised $14. I bought a P30sk LEM with night sights earlier in the year and it has a light trigger pull after it’s racked and short reset too. Looking for opinions on the P30L and how it compares to the standard P30. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and IWI Jericho 941 Polymer Semi-Compact. Size is about the same, but the safety on the P30 to me is superfluous. Verbs in a regular structure can be transformed with a simple rule, whereas in irregular verbs, this situation …. HiViz Litewave H3 HK VP40 Orange Front Ring / Green Rear. HK P30S (V3) 9mm DA/SA Pistol w/ Ambi. Here’s a complete rundown of all the differences between each KICKR generation so you can tell them apart visually and understand the evolution of this smart trainer. Omaha Outdoors has custom and factory in stock HK P30SK V1 models for sale. P30 is offered in V1 (LEM) or V3 (DA/SA). I only bought it to make a correct John Wick clone. 45in Serrated Black Steel Pistol - 10+1 Rounds; Browse: H&K P30L 9mm pistols. The HK P30 V3 for sale has the ergonomic grip, pinpoint accuracy, and relentless reliability you’re looking for in an everyday carry pistol. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and Beretta 92X Centurion. I p30/P30L/p30sk series of weapons. The V3 variant is my personal favorite and the choice of John Wick or services on this site. Pros of the vp9 are the crisp trigger and the price. A 15-round magazine is also available. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and Kriss Sphinx SDP Compact Duty. LEM has a two part hammer, cocking piece and outer hammer. The thumb safety is only on the LS version not the L. The Hk P30L V1 and V3 are both quality firearms, but the V3 is generally considered to be the more advanced version. Particularly, the Variant 1 LEM trigger or the standard DA/SA V3. What designates manual safety or not is an "S" after P30 or P30L. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. I think the P30 is a great pistol. I've had a p30sk V3 but that DA pull is so heavy, I just can't. CALIBER: 40SW BARREL LENGTH: 4. The P-30 is the V3 DA/SA with decocker and no safety. I was concerned that the magazine release might cause problems for me, but it wasn't an issue at all. HK45/C and USP/C guns are modular and can be converted to a variaty of variants. From the YouTubes it looks like the feel would be very similar to the V3 single action. Hk Usa P30L Long Slide V3 9Mm 4. Given a good chance, you my find the same thing. You cannot convert a safety model to a non-safety model. #1 · Dec 11, 2020 Hello, There seem to be 5 versions of the HK P30SK. Sounds like a decent deal these days. depending on which model you buy. I can't decide if I want to go with the P30L V1 which has the LEM trigger Or P30L V3 with the DA/SA trigger I've read the DA/SA is bad but how bad could it be ? Anyway I need help deciding thanks Reply. I still think it’s quite lively, so although it’s an improvement, it would have been interesting if the 100 Pro was an 18×20 for example. So let’s say I am new to this forum and did some research (decided it had to be an HK) and decided on the vp9sk and have had it for 6 months and love it. Join him as he discusses the available variants and ergonomics of this outstanding handgun. A sig 229 will feel good, not as good as a p30, but will have a better trigger. The trigger has a lot more take up but I'm used to it and am simply faster and more accurate with it vs my vp9. Ergonomics-firing: * * * * 1/2. HKFP101 Firing Pin Block Spring – New Style Light – $7. Heckler & Koch P30L V1 Light Lem. The VP9 is priced right to compete, not because it is lacking. I picked on up for the first time at a small gun shop at the Lake of the Ozarks, over a decade ago, and have since then become a lot more $ poorer. Drawbacks of region proposal approach. You’ll get a consistent trigger pull each time with the HK P30 V1. Providing parts like these Heckler & Koch P30 parts, gunsmiths and shooting enthusiasts alike have relied on Numrich since 1950. Just yesterday, I ordered a universal LEM kit + a light trigger rebound spring for a recently acquired 2004 V1 USPC. The website lists the following P30L Variants currently available from HK USA: M730902L-A5…P30L 9 mm, Long Slide (V2) LEM enhanced DAO, with two 15 round magazines…$1,108. 1 does not increase the pull weight if you. Let us know if you’ve used or purchased any of LTT’s customized guns or services and what your experiences have been down in the comments below. The shop where I was going to order does not explicitly state if it is a V1 or V2. Get the latest updates on new products and sales. Business, Economics, and Finance. In addition to classic DA/SA trigger (V3) variants, Heckler and Koch features a proprietary Combat Defensive Action (CDA) or Law Enforcement Modification (LEM) . I prefer the v3 controls since my first gun was a Usp v1. Extensively tested, P30L and P30LS models have been adopted by several international police and security agencies. The particular P30sk that we used for this review had the HK LEM trigger, 10 round magazines, and phosphorescent (glow in the dark) 3-dot night sights. You’re supposed to know how cool it is because you. Hk P30L Long Slide (V3) 9Mm Da/Sa Pistol. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30L and SilencerCo Maxim 9 Short. Floorplate, Extended 13rd mag USP9C/P2000 9mm. Looking into things, it gets confusing quickly on what exact parts are compatible with the following P30LS (V3): H&K P30LS V3 GrayGuns HK Short Reset System GrayGuns Flat Trigger & Combat Defensive Action Upgrade For LEM Pistols – …. The P30L is a P30 featuring a longer slide and barrel. The V1 is the Light LEM, which pre-cocks the hammer spring, making the trigger act like a DA pull, but have a single action break, and the V4 is a variant of the LEM trigger, with a shorter take up. HK P30 vs VP9: Which Is The Best Modern HK Pistol?">HK P30 vs VP9: Which Is The Best Modern HK Pistol?. I purchased the kit here and have 4000 rounds through my P30L V3->V1 with no issues. All earlier models had the eagle with spread wing rollmark. AUTO SINGLEDOUBLE ACTION PISTOL IN. I really don't see the felt recoil being that much different between the two. 45” 4 INCH " BARREL Sold Location: Brookings, SD 57006 Sold Date: 10/19/2023 12:00:00 AM $749. Compare the dimensions and specs of Heckler & Koch P30 and Heckler & Koch P30L. Then started stove piping every few rounds. Sell your hk p30 for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Go. 5 pounds (20 Newtons) and defined let-off point. 40 S&W pistol with the familiar feel and operation of a traditional DA/SA trigger, with the safety and convenience of a manual safety accessible from both sides of the frame. High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding ( HE-AAC) is an audio coding format for lossy data compression of digital audio defined as an MPEG-4 Audio profile in ISO / IEC 14496–3. Heckler & Koch P30 vs Tisas Zigana PX.